All About Me

Instructor & Therapist

Ashley May

My name is Ashley! I am the owner and founder of Ananda Yoga & Therapy.

I graduated from the Awakened Life School of Yoga’s Costa Rica class in 2015. Certified in Vinyasa Yoga, but also continuing credits in Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation. I added an extra step to my credentials by becoming certified in Trigger Point Therapy.

I have gone through various traumas in my life, and fitness was the one thing that really gave me the opportunity to heal through them in a positive way. When starting the fitness journey, I got into yoga. Yoga not only gave me a physical practice, but when I got into the entirety of the practice, I started to see the emotional and mental healing as well. So instead of going the personal trainer route, I enrolled to get my RYT.

Being home, I started teaching one on one. Then finding Ardha Moon in 2017 to teach classes. I started a small yoga business out of the studio itself, becoming the trusted corporate teacher at Liquid Web, and then DNV Global. While teaching all different types of individuals, I also got more into the anatomy of the body. So many people were coming to me with ailments they said started feeling better while working with me in the classes I was teaching. Which pushed me into the direction of trigger point therapy.

My idea is to really help people in every way I possibly can. Using different practices to aid in full body healing. Let me help you.